Who Should Consider Taking A CLEP Exam?

In today’s competitive marketplace, many people need to earn college as quickly as possible. The CLEP exams were developed to allow motivated individuals to demonstrate undergraduate-level knowledge and skills in 34 basic content areas. At present, almost 3,000 institutions of higher education accept CLEP exams as a substitute for time in the classroom. CLEP exams can benefit a wide variety of people. For instance, students who have acquired specific knowledge through a job, work-study program, or individual pursuit can place out of introductory college courses in that field. Students who have limited financial resources for college can minimize their tuition expenses by earning college credits through the CLEP.

The CLEP exams are especially popular with students who have been home-schooled and want to provide evidence of their advanced learning. Working students who need to earn a college degree, but have less time to devote to their studies, can leap over introductory or elective courses by passing a CLEP. Individuals who have studied overseas can use the CLEP exams to demonstrate their expertise and avoid repetitious classes. Finally, many members of the armed services find that the CLEP allows them to work towards a college degree while they serve our country. The CLEP is appropriate for anyone who wants to reduce the time and expense it takes to earn college credits.