Registering For The CLEP

Once you decide which CLEP exam or exams you are going to take, you will need to register. For your convenience, all of the CLEP exams are offered in computer-based formats at over 1,800 testing centers across the nation, including hundreds of colleges and universities. To find the testing center closest to you, visit the College Board website.

Each testing center establishes its own administration schedules, registration dates, and registration deadlines. When you contact the testing center, you should ask for a list of upcoming test dates. You can then enter this information, along with your personal data and the name of the exam, into the registration form available on the College Board website.

The registration form will include a space for you to indicate the institution or institutions that should receive your score report. You are allowed to leave this space blank and request score delivery after the exam. The CLEP exams cost $80 each; an extra fee of $10-$15 is charged for the exams with an essay component. Most testing centers add an administration fee (sometimes called a registration fee). The cost of the administration fee can vary, but is usually between $20 and $30. Payment must be made with a credit card, money order, or check payable to the College-Level Examination Program. Your completed registration form and payment should be mailed directly to the testing center.