Receiving Credit For A CLEP Exam

Although CLEP exams are accepted in lieu of coursework at almost 3,000 institutions worldwide, it is necessary to make sure that your institution of choice will honor your passing score.

Before registering for a CLEP exam you should inquire about the CLEP policies at any schools you might attend. There are some minor differences in CLEP policies between institutions. Be sure to acquire a full description of protocol from each school. The best way to obtain this information is either by reading the general catalog, in which the basic institutional procedures are outlined, or by directly contacting the registrar.

Some schools allow CLEP exams to substitute for required coursework but do not issue credits toward a degree. Other institutions may allow CLEP exams to count as credit hours so long as they are not in the student’s major. Some schools may deviate from the minimum passing scores recommended by the American Council for Education. Other schools may only permit CLEP exams to be substituted for classes in the core curriculum. Finally, many schools will not accept passing CLEP scores if the student has failed a class in that subject area in the past. Because of all these policy differences, it is important for you to carefully examine institutional CLEP policy before registering for an exam.