Format Of The Exam

At present, all 34 CLEP exams are offered in a computer-based format that is user-friendly and efficient. The CLEP exam does not require any special computer skills; as long as you can use a mouse to point, click, and scroll, you are prepared for a CLEP computer program.

Most of the exams are composed entirely of multiple-choice questions, each of which will have five answer choices. The questions may ask you to fill in a blank, complete a sentence, or simply identify the most appropriate response to a given question. Some of the multiple-choice questions may be phrased in the negative: for instance, they may ask you to identify the answer choice that is NOT true. Make sure to read each question carefully so as to avoid being tripped up by a negative formulation.

The following exams may require an essay: English Composition; American Literature; Analyzing and Interpreting Literature; English Literature; and Freshman College Composition. The word-processing program used to complete the essay includes text-manipulation applications like cutting and pasting but does not include a spell-check feature.