CLEP Score Reporting

After you complete your exam, you are given the option of either seeing your unofficial score, or canceling your score. You must decide immediately, and your decision is irrevocable. Once you’ve seen your score, you cannot cancel it, and once a score has been canceled, it is gone forever. Canceling your score is an option for those who feel they did poorly on the exam.

You should only elect to see your results if you feel you have done well on the exams. If you choose to receive your scores, a copy of the unofficial score report will be sent to the institution or institutions specified at the beginning of the exam.

You are not required to specify an institution: if you do not, your score will become part of your CLEP transcript and will be kept on file until you ask for it to be mailed to a particular school. A CLEP transcript includes all of your scores on every CLEP exam you have ever taken. Please note that once you view your scores they are a permanent part of your CLEP transcript. If during or immediately after the exam you decide that you do not want your scores to be sent you must tell the exam administrator. You are allowed to cancel your CLEP scores as long as you have not been issued a score report. In other words, you should only cancel your CLEP scores if you are certain that you have performed poorly on the exam. Keep in mind, however, that you must wait six months before retaking a CLEP exam.