Introduction to the CLEP Exams

If you are looking to save time, avoid unnecessary tuition costs, and place out of introductory college courses, you have come to the right place! The College Board has developed a line of exams that allow students to earn college credit without actually taking classes. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is an innovative solution to the problem facing many students today: how to get the most out of college without wasting time and money. CLEP exams are offered in 34 different subject areas, ranging from Biology to Financial Accounting, from Freshman College Composition to Calculus. Almost 3,000 institutions of higher education accept passing CLEP scores in lieu of coursework; at most schools, each CLEP exam substitutes for at least three semester hours. This makes the CLEP exams a great option for all kinds of people: working professionals looking to enhance their resume; matriculating undergraduates hoping to avoid redundant courses; foreign students who want to prove their expertise in an academic subject; and even members of the armed services who want to work towards a college degree while serving our country overseas! Because the CLEP exams allow skilled individuals to obtain credit for what they already know, they free up time and money for the more important things: holding down a job, raising a family, or pursuing more advanced coursework in college.

The scoring system used by the CLEP makes it easy for you to coordinate your scores with an institution of higher learning. Immediately after you finish your exam, you will be given an unofficial score report with a detailed summary of your performance on all aspects of the exam (except for any essays). You can request to have your scores sent to any school, employer, or certifying agency free of charge. If you have not yet decided where you would like your scores to be sent, you can wait as long as you like before designating a recipient. In the meantime, the CLEP administrators will finalize your scores and compile them on a transcript, which remains available for twenty years. You can request a copy of your CLEP transcript at any time.

Another great thing about the CLEP is its ready availability; the 34 exams that make up the program are offered at over 1,800 testing centers throughout the United States and the rest of the world, including special testing centers for the men and women of the United States armed forces. What’s more, because the CLEP is administered via computer, it can be taken at almost any time of day on any day of the week. When you register for the exam, you should have no trouble finding a testing location and date that is convenient.

Convenience, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency: all of these qualities make the College-Level Exam Program attractive to ambitious people. If obtaining college credit without spending undue money or time sounds like a good option for you, take a moment to explore the details of the College-Level Examination Program. We think you’ll agree with the thousands of other students and professionals who have put CLEP to work for them!